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Hello Everybody.
This may be of interest. I can certainly recommend Mike Babb’s coaching.
Tony Coulson
As we all know training for shooting is much neglected. . .  for whatever reason. We all think we know how to shoot yet there are not many of us getting the sort of scores that the international shooters take for granted.
Well we now have the opportunity to have meaningful training from arguably the best 50m international shot in GB at the moment.
Mike  Babb is offering an amazing training opportunity for ALL smallbore target shooters nomatter what level of ability. The only criterion is that you want to learn and improve.
Those of you who have attended his previous training sessions will know that he gives excellent advice, with his wealth of skill, knowledge and experience.
There will be 2 weekends, the last in June (25th and 26th) and the first in July (2nd and 3rd) Venue will be Budleigh Farm.
You can tailor your training to suit yourself!
Be part of a group, a pair or have individual whole day or half day sessions.. . . . . . pretty much whatever you want.
Being part of a group will give you a session with Mike of about 45 mins. Then time to shoot unsupervised followed by a further 45 min session.  Cost will be £40 plus range fee and targets used.
(A single session would be £20.00 but you will not get the same feedback that the double session gives) 
For further information or to book a session please contact:
Mike Taylor                     or mob 07875707987

One thought on “Training News

  1. I would like to leave some feedback on the above…..
    I had the one-on-one session with Mile Babb and came away with so much feedback and help to work on my shout release routine. I had found that I was taking too long on the shot release that the final release position was falling away, resulting in dropped points.
    If anyone was thinking and wondering if they should do this (even the experienced shooter!!) I would recommend it. I can’t say about the two hour sessions but certainly feel that £90 + range fees was definately well worth the money for all the knowledge gained.
    Thanks Mike Babb and Mike Taylor for arranging it.
    Anyone who may need more feedback from me, please feel free to email me at andrewsherman[at] (replace [at] with @ symbol) or see me and I will gladly tell you more.
    Andy Sherman.

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