Junior News

Photo taken at Bisley 5th May 2012 during a British Free Rifle Club meeting.  Dorset shooters were involved. Ben Monksummers, nearest camera. Details of other  members and scores to follow.



Dorset Prone Small-Bore Rifle Competitions.

Winter Indoor Competitions @ 25, 20 or 15 yards.


Club Team of 5.

Club Team of 3. Three members per team but only the top two scores in each round to count. This league is open to any NSRA affiliated club.

Individual. Open to members of any NSRA affiliated club

Short Range Championship

An individual competition shot in 3 stages and classes A to D, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans. The top 50%  of scores in each class in stage 1 qualify for stage 2. The final is shot shoulder to shoulder by the top ten scores in Classes A to D regardless of class. Class winners are decided at stage 2.

Knockout Competitions.

The Royal Manor is for Club teams of 4. This is a handicap competition where each team member shoots two cards per round. The nominated start per team member must be a minimum of 5 per card and the same start must be used on each card.

The JWR Newman is a pairs handicap competition. The minimum start per pair is 20 over 4 cards, two cards each per member each round.  The start must stay the same for each round and may be achieved in any combination of scores.

Summer Indoor Competitions @ 25, 20 or 15 yards.


Club team of 5

Pairs. This competition is open to any NSRA affiliated club.

Summer Outdoor Competitions



50 yard / metre. For club teams of 5

100 yard Individual, includes a concurrent team of 3 competition. Open to any NSRA affiliated club

Prize Meetings. Open to any NSRA affiliated Club


English Match.

Usually shot in late May/early June. A 60 shot competition at 50 metres in 4 Classes A to D with Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Team competitions.

Double Dewar

Usually shot late June/early July. 40 shots at 50 yards plus 40 shots at 100 yards. Classes as per English Match

Singapore Cup

Usually shot in September. 30 shots at 50 yards, 30 shots at 50 metre and 20 shots at 100 yards. Classes as per English Match.

Grand Prix

Free entry aggregate of the previous Prize Meetings.


 Congratulations to Dorset Shooters at the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) outdoor Smallbore Championships held at Appleton on Sat. 7th May 2011.
In a large match with a strong field, including a number of senior internationals, DSRPA shooters showed Dorset’s worth with;
6th – Ben Monksummers – Bournemouth University
7th – Robert Rendell – Southampton Univ.
Whilst Ben is the “solo shooter” for Bournemouth Southampton have a strong overall team and we congratulate Robert on winning gold in the team event.

Full Results


Click on the link to open the PDF files


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