Club Finder

These clubs are members of the Dorset Association and offer the disciplines shown. If you would like to contact one of the clubs, please contact the Secretary of the DSBRPA using the form at the bottom of this page.

Key: PR = Prone Rifle , AR = Air Rifle , AP = Air Pistol, FT = Field Target,
        GR =  Gallery Rifle, LSR = Light Weight Sporting Rifle

Bournemouth R&PC   (PR)
Dorchester R&PC         (PR, AR, AP, FT, GR)
Ferndown Gun Club   (PRLSR, GR)
Flight Refuelling RC    (PR, AR, AP)
Hurn R&P Club             (AR)
New Milton RC              (PR)
Parkstone Gun Club    (PR, AR, AP)
Ringwood RC                 (PR)
Sherborne RC                (PR)
Weymouth RC                (PR)
Wimborne RC                (PR)
Witchampton RC          (PR)